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Album: Grace To Grass

Intro (skit) >>
One Love >>
No Shakin (Ft. VIP) >>
I Dey Feel Like >>
See Me So >>
Skit (Story) >>
E Be Like Say >>
True Love >>
4 Instance >>
If Love Is A Crime >>
Ocho >>
My Love >>
Outro Skit >>
Artist: Face Idibia
Album: Grace To Grass
Album Year: December 2006

1. Intro (skit) Ft. MC Akatu
2. One Love (Ft. VIP)
3. No Shakin (Ft. VIP)
4. I Dey Feel Like (Ft.VIP)
5. See Me So (Ft. VIP)
6. Skit (Story) (Ft. VIP)
7. E Be Like Say (Ft. VIP)
8. True Love (Ft. VIP)
9. 4 Instance (Ft. VIP)
10. If Love Is A Crime (Ft. VIP)
11. Ocho (Ft. VIP)
12. My Love (Ft. VIP)
13.Outro Skit. (Ft. VIP)